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 Custom DC-15A Blaster Rifle

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PostSubject: Custom DC-15A Blaster Rifle   Mon Mar 30, 2009 5:21 pm

General Information
Modded/Customized Standard Issue DC-15A Blaster Rifle

Weapon's Name
" Dank "

Weapon's Founder
Damion E. Begley " Boss "

Weapon's Merchant
Republic Army Weapons Distributor.

Weapon's Price
Free for Republic Army Soldiers/Commandos.

Weapon's Planet
Any Republic Base.


During Damion's service in the Republic army as a soldier, he realized many things about how the Galaxy works. One of the things he learned is that you must always be prepared, and so he began collecting unique perks for his weapon. These include a 1300m Scale Rifle Scope, and a Bayonet. The Republic Army recognized its potential there has been a recent upgrade, combining Synthetic Norris Roots to disable Force. It now cannot be touched by the force.

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PostSubject: Re: Custom DC-15A Blaster Rifle   Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:16 pm

A weapon used in the Army/Navy, may be Not For Sale, however, it may be used by any other soldiers. Keep in mind that when creating a custom, you're not creating it for yourself, but really for the RP. If it was for sale, you'd have to purchase it yourself. Just a tip to make sure you realize.

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Custom DC-15A Blaster Rifle
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