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 Journey of a Grandmaster Pt. I

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PostSubject: Journey of a Grandmaster Pt. I   Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:45 pm

"Prime the engines R2, and prepare for take-off" The Grandmaster said, as his droid companion beeped and whirred in the background. The Jedi Light-Freighter "Hydra" lifted off of the landing pad and penetrated through the atmosphere. "Set a course for Mustafaar, Sector R-134-16, R2" Xym said calmly, "I must find the distress call that we have been recieving the past month." The ship then entered the starlines, lurching forward. Xym saw the familiar sight of the blue streaks that was Hyperspace. He had been an ace pilot since he was a boy, and still enjoyed getting away from all of the stress the Galaxy had placed on his shoulders to go on a mission alone, or so he thought.

Upon arriving to Mustafaar, Xym lifted the Jedi sleeping trance he had placed on himself to ensure his body was up for the task set before him. He took the ship off auto-pilot and brought it down through the atmosphere. He sat his ship down on a small landing pad next to the abandon Jedi Temple. "R2, keep the engines running, I have a feeling this is going to be a short trip". The droid beeped an acknowlegement, and put the system on stand-by. Xym exited the ship, his Jedi Master robe whirling in the breeze behind him. Xym trenched to the remains of what was once a Jedi Temple. Looking upon the remains, Xym sat down upon a rock to clear his thoughts. "Such destruction" He thought, "What causes such hatred?" Xym then set out in a dive off of the rock he was sitting, as he felt a disturbance in the force. He tucked his head, landing in a summersault, converting back to his feet and activating his lightsaber with the familiar "Snap-hiss" noise it made. Xym turned just in time to catch the blade of his foe in a parry, sending the opponet back in a recoil. Glancing to his adversary, he noticed the armour of a Mandalorian. The Mandalorian advanced on the Jedi Master, slashing clumbsily with his vibrosword. The Jedi Master easily slashed blow after blow away from his body. Xym drove the Mando back a few feet with parries, then switched his stance to Ataru, attempting to go offensive on his enemy. He sliced down the right arm at the shoulder, ripping through the armour and down the other side. The arm fell limply to the ground and the metal clinged against the ground as the sword fell. "You bastard" shouted the Mandalorian, after the lightsaber had instantly cauterized the wound, causing no blood splatter whatsoever. Deactivating his lightsaber, Xym placed a Force Malacia over the Mandalorian, putting him to sleed instantly.

After takeing the Mandalorian to his Jedi Light-Freighter, Xym turned his attenion back to the task at hand. He began the trudge back up the mountain to the Jedi Academy. Upon entering the Academy, Xym was met with the Force Spirit of Jedi Master Chu-Gon Dar. "You are their leader now, you hold the fate of the Galaxy in your hands, Xym." The long deceased Master said. "Indeed, that is true, the Force has called me here and now I am seeing why." Xym said, "You have something that is important here, and it must be relinquished over to me for the good of the Galaxy." He continued. "You are wise, Master Jedi, there is something which needs to be turned over to you, fore it must not fall into the wrong hands." Said Chu-Gon. "Go to the council chamber, you will find what you need there. I will seek you out once more, but for now the Force is guiding me in another direction. Until we meet again, Xym" Cho-Gon said with a bow of his head. Xym returned the bow as the apparation dissipated. He then turned to the Council Chamber and begin trekking through the Temple. Upon entering, Xym felt the Force strong in this room, it flowed through him. He saw the artifact that was calling him in the middle of the room. He walked over to it, already knowing what it was through his studies. He picked up the Chu-Gon Dar Cube, stowed it in his tunic, and turned from the chamber.

Xym started back to his ship in a run, sencing danger through the Force once more. This time the danger wasn't in the form of a person, but it was mother nature takeing its toll on the planet it watched over. Xym lifted the ship off the ground just as the volcano upon which the Jedi Order was situated exploded in a frenzy, spewing in every which direction. Xym set his coordinates for Naboo, back to the Jedi Order and all the pressure of leading the Jedi. "Uuughhhh" A moan rang out from the co-pilot seat. "Quiet you, you have a lot of explaining to do" Said the Jedi Master to his assaliant, force lifting his helmet off his head. The Jedi then glanced to the bare skin of the Mandalorians face ...

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PostSubject: Re: Journey of a Grandmaster Pt. I   Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:48 pm

After landing the ship upon the surface of Naboo, Xym, R2, and the Mandalorian disembarked the Freighter and made their way to the Jedi Order. Xym took the Mandalorian to the Jedi holding cells where he would be questioned, but that had to wait. Xym ordered five Jedi Magnaguards to stand outside the cell of the Mandalorian.

The Jedi Master then made his way to his private quarters, carrying the Cube in his hand. After sitting the artifact on a small table in his room, it began to light up, sending off a flow of Force that was felt by even the Initiates who were training outside of the Order. The apparation of Master Cho-Gon Dar appeared once more, "Hello again, my friend" he said. "Hello Master Cho-Gon Dar" replied Xym, followed by a low bow. The apparation returned the bow and turned to the cube he created, many years ago. "I see you have found what you were looking for, do you know what it does?" Cho-Gon said. "Indeed, I do know, I have studied this artifact for many months and finally got the time to retrieve it." Xym replied, "I intend on using it's powers to forge what is was made to make." Cho-Gon Dar looked to the Jedi Master with a smile, "Very well then, let us begin the construction of the Lava Crystal." He said. "You will need a lightsaber crystal, a component, and the optic sensor of a droid." The former Jedi said. "Very well, I will go retrieve these items and return swiftly."

After leaving his chambers, Xym strolled through the halls to the Droid Mantience facility. He gazed around the room and found the two items he was looking for. He used the force to pull the component and the optic sensor to him, quickly stowing them in his robes. Xym then walked back to the room in a speedy manner, eager to construct his new lightsaber.

Xym then placed the component and the sensor into the Cube, followed by a Bondar crystal he pulled from his lockbox at the foot of his bed. The Cube then closed, the force pulsating through it. It bound all of these items into one, like a toaster oven it opened, revealing a Lava Crystal. "The deed is done, my friend, and the crystal is yours. Use it wisely, for they are rare and very valuable." Spoke Cho-Gon Dar. "As you wish Master, I look forward to speaking to you again" Xym said with a bow, as the apparation once more dissipated. Xym stowed the Cube in his lockbox, took the crystal, and headed to the forgery.

The newly constructed lightsaber ignited with a Snap-Hiss sound Xym was so familiar with hearing. Lava then dripped from the tip of this saber, as it glowed with an orange tint. "So this is the legendary Lavasabre. So few have wielded a weapon like this, only one I know of have mastered it." Xym said this to himself, pondering of his past. "That was then, this is now." He said, spinning the saber down and deactivating it swiftly. He then looped it around his belt and walked out to the sunset of Naboo, and begin strolling the city walk, watching all those who he was protecting, just by existing.
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Journey of a Grandmaster Pt. I
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