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 The Dark Lord has vanished.

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Dark Lord

Dark Lord

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PostSubject: The Dark Lord has vanished.   Tue Mar 31, 2009 6:24 pm

The Dark Lord has casted a wormhole, exiling himself into it, as he passes the reighn of Dark Lord to a family member.

[ Honestly, it's because of Xym, the dirty fuck. ]
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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Lord has vanished.   Tue Mar 31, 2009 6:37 pm

Let's see.

Dark Lord walking around Naboo, what kind of Grandmaster would I be to not arrest him?
Told him to turn over his weapons, he said no.
Asked him again, "Hand over your weapons", He said no.
Asked him one more time to hand over his weapons and come quietly, he said no.

Now, breaking down the fight ;
I ignited my saber and sliced at his left shoulder, which he dodged.
He jumped up to a table and force waved me.
After landing on the floor, I flicked my saber at him, sending lava into his chest.
He claims he had on Obelisks, hard shelled parasite creatures that draw power from the hosts force power.
Now, two problems with that.
1. Obelisks release from the body when undergoing extreme heat I.e lava.
- If the Obelisk is taken from the body to rapidly, it will kill the host instantly. (resulting in his death)
2. He also stated, after I explained that to him, that he had on Quantum armour or something, which isn't possible due to the fact that he is wearig Obelisks. They feed off a living being, not armour. (Death there aswell)

So, either way you look at it, he is dead.

A fellow Jedi brought up the point that I randomed him, to set this strait let's put it this way. It is like a wanted man is walking around infront of a Police Station. What does he expect? We come out and hand him the keys to the Jedi Order, let him control the world and the rest of the Galaxy? No, he was to dangerous to be left alive, therefore he was killed.

End of.
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The Dark Lord has vanished.
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