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 The Rule of two.

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The Rule of two. Empty
PostSubject: The Rule of two.   The Rule of two. I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 31, 2009 8:15 pm

Well, upon realizing that the Sith are in a state of massive weakness, I'm invoking the rule of two, Therefore meaning that there shall only be two Sith at any given time, No more, No less, Meaning the following are the only Sith in the Rp, Aside from the past Lord's tanner appointed.

Dark Lord of the Sith; Lord/Darth Skarcious Vharex Dependus Vaxious Aeolian.

Sith Lord/Apprentice; ( Currently in progress )

The rest of you who're parading around, pretending to be Sith, Cut the bullshit, Stop disrupting the Rp and stop acting like this is the OOC fuckfest that Swrp is, This is Swgrp, A CIVILIZED roleplay, Act like it.

Secondly, The Sith are in hiding IC'ly, So... For all of those who're like "-Asks for the DL's account name- -run over- -Challenge-" etc, Thats bullshit, You know it is, And why am I being so blunt? or whatever? Because I'm typing this as I'm having to do literally, ten things at once, I'm not very good at multitasking and it's been 20 minutes since tanner handed me this title and all ready I'm swamped to the point I literally can't type fast enough to keep up with all of the shit going on.

Thirdly, Due to the rule of two being invoked, The current Sith warfleet and army shall be disbanded, It's members will be brainwashed and integrated into the general public as refugees, I'll be personally creating forces on my own.

To the mature roleplayers who can actually comprehend what I just said ( This part of the post is being added due to I'm aware that several normal swrp'ers just joined, saying how they want to kill everything like the mindless cavemen they are ), Thank you for reading and I look forward to support in making in character scenes and to making this roleplay much better from this faction's contributions.
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The Rule of two.
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