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 Plague of chaos.

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Plague of chaos. Empty
PostSubject: Plague of chaos.   Plague of chaos. I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 31, 2009 8:42 pm

Weapon's Name l
;; Plague I.
;; The seemless murderer.

Weapon's Founder: l
;; Esphestus Aeolian.

Distinct features l
;; The plague's liquid form is clear, as well as the gas form. The plague in solid form is a crystal, of nearly clear color.
;; One affected with this plague will feel immense pain, which is actualy hallucinated. By the time that the plague can be cured our taken from the body, the body or circuit board has taken so much mental pain, that they go into shock from the experiance, dying from the pure agony. In the case of a machine, the plague simply tricks the droid into thinking it is suffering, giving it new thought patterns, there for overloading it's programming, and having it self destruct.

Uses l
;; The plague can be used against all forms, such as biological, Sentient, or even machine.
;; The plague is extremely hard to cure because it is neurological, one would have to enter the hosts brain, and cover every single brain cell, due to the fact that the smallest amount may trigger reactions.
;; There is only one antidote that is carried by Esphestus.
;; The Plague may be spread onto another being of any life form, by simply touching them with skin[ In the case of Biological/Sentient. ] In the case of machine, the machine's entire body structure is contaminated, as well as anything it touches.
;; The liquid simply has to be touched, as the gas needs to be breathed into lungs, and in the case of a droid's metal interior, it is more affected by the solid and gas form, simply having to touch it, whilst the sentient and biological are safe to the solid. All forms simply sink into the metal/skin/etc, simply seeping further into the brain/circuit board/etc.
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Plague of chaos.
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