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 Vittra Empyrean

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PostSubject: Vittra Empyrean   Tue Mar 31, 2009 10:51 pm

Name: Vittra Empyrean
Motto: "The Astral Marauders"
Home Planet: Heavily interplanetary, but reside on the Behemoth YT-1300
Leader: Xasthur Galder (XsteveXcoreX)
Allowed Races: All

Description: The Vittra Empyrean is a widespread, fairly renown group of smugglers, merchants, bounty hunters, and anything relating to "dirty work". Work such as harboring and transferring illegal goods, exchanging goods, and assisting in other illegal work. Regardless of the fact that they're well known in the galaxy, they have remained unknown of their identities to most. They can mostly be found around Coruscant, Theed, or their space freight, the Behemoth.

- Xasthur Galder (XsteveXcoreX)
- Ausju Kilou (PreparedFate.)
- Hunter (vapor610)

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Vittra Empyrean
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