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 Jedi Knight Trials

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PostSubject: Jedi Knight Trials   Tue Mar 31, 2009 11:27 pm

These are what Padawans should be studying if attempting to take the Knight Trials. Their Master should also be teaching the Padawan the following :

7 Lightsaber Forms
Jedi Code and it's meaning
Refined Jedi Code of Luke Skywalker
3 Lightsaber styles
History of the Jedi
Force Wars
Great Hyperspace War
Crystal Code
All Core Force Powers
5 Darkside Force powers
7 Lightside Force Powers
5 Universal force powers
2 Ancient Jedi Factions
2 Grandmasters of the Jedi

Padawans must ;
Duel the Grandmaster during the trial
Duel their Master during the trial
Present their constructed lightsaber to the council for inspection
Answer questions presented by the council
Go on a mission for the Jedi Council

After completeing all that, the Jedi Padawan will be taken to the Council Chambers and trialed.

Note to Padawans ;
Individual study is recomended, go to wookieepedia.com, it has all you need to know for Knight Trials.

Note to Mentors ;
It is REQUIRED that you teach your Padawan, inactivity will result in a setback of ranks and in extreme cases, Exile.

[ Note to Council ]
I will write up the questions to be asked on the Trials and email them to you.
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Jedi Knight Trials
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