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 Governemnt of Naboo

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PostSubject: Governemnt of Naboo   Governemnt of Naboo I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 01, 2009 8:06 pm

Name: Kingdom of Naboo (Unofficially) Government of Naboo (Officially)
Motto: "Tedium Dan Tortalian" meaning "To Free And Protect"
Home Planet: Naboo
Leader: King Cooran Das (Semper-Fidelis)
Allowed Races: All

Description: The Kingdom of Naboo is located (as you might guess) on the Planet of Naboo. The planetary capital is Theed. This city contains what was once the Jedi Order and the Palace of the Monarch. Theed also serves as the command center for the Naboo Droid Army and is the only city with functioning space ports on Naboo. The citizens of this planet are given great freedoms and actually elect the monarch every three years (every three months).

- King Cooran Das (Semper-Fidelis)
- Representative Kal (Killa####)
- All Royal Guards
- All Recognized Citizens
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Governemnt of Naboo
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