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 Kuroth Jur

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    Habbo Name: Deserving.

    Character's Full Name: Kuroth Jur
    Character Alias': The Silent Death.
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Current Home: No where.

    Appearance: Concealed.
    Personality: Lazy

    Carried Items: VibroSword.

    Background/History: Kuroth was born on coruscant. He never knew who he was because he was just found on coruscant looking around . He now is trying to find who he was the only thing he knew was his name. The only thing he had was a blade, Delta-7 also known as jedi starship (which was founded when he traveled around). He was the best Pilot during that time, which made him fly to nabbo (He thought there will be somebody there that can help him with power). He then flew to nabbo where he found the jedi temple, that he joined apart of. Which made him a Jedi Initiate, thats where he found a great master. But when he became his padawan Kuroth then went power hungry, which made him quit the jedi order. When he knew what he was doing, he stoped attacking the people. He then knew that he couldn't join the jedi order ever again. So he stay'd as a neutral fs person. Now he wonders the whole univerze try to find a meaning in life.

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Kuroth Jur
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