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 Zerra Ohika

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PostSubject: Zerra Ohika   Zerra Ohika I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2009 10:19 pm

Habbo Name: ThePerson.

Character's Full Name: Zerra Mecha Ohika
Character Alias': None at the moment
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Current Home: Tatooine

Appearance: Black hair, has scar on his face,{will edit this later)
Personality: Open-minded,Happy,Outgoing,Couragous,Adventurous

Carried Items: Two Lightsaber Hilts,Jedi Robing

Background/History: Zerra home planet was Tatooine, his parents were slaves to a merchent. Zerra got kidnaped by the tuskun raiders and before he got captured , he griped on of there blaster rifles and shot one, and got on to speeder and ran off home. Just as he noticed his parents were no where to be found, not in tatooine or anything. Zerra probably thinks and still does think there in another planet to find him. Zerra randomly asked a stranger if he could take someone Naboo [that where he think they went there]. The man said yes and it turned out to be a Jedi Knight. The man asked if Zerra knew anything about jedi's, Zerra didnt know what they were one bit. Zerra Responded in a setence ''am here to find my parents and noting all''. The knight offered him to help him find his parents if Zerra joins the jedi. Zerra Accepts and the sega begins.
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Zerra Ohika
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