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 Novarius' personal Katana

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PostSubject: Novarius' personal Katana   Sun Apr 05, 2009 8:44 pm

Name l
;; "Entombement"

Properties l
;; The blade itself is forged of Phrik, and laminanium, giving healing properties, and making it lightsaber resistant.
;; The handle is Laminaniun, giving the holder a greater power of healing in their power. It is also wrapped in the skin of a Krayt Dragon.

Enchantments l
;; Enchantmant of Scourge, which makes the holder apear as a scourge demon as such, putting an immediate burst of fear in their opponent.

Other l
;; The katana is connected to Novarius' aura, letting no other may touch the blade an expose it's powers. Novarius has it imbued to his aura, making any who touch will instantly feel severe bruns on their hands. The entire katana is force booned, therefore making it impossible for another being other than Novarius touch it. via the force.
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Novarius' personal Katana
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