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 Tomb of Greatness.

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Tomb of Greatness. Empty
PostSubject: Tomb of Greatness.   Tomb of Greatness. I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 05, 2009 9:23 pm

Name l
;; "Tomb of Greatness"

Owner l
;; Novarius Aeolian.

Properties l
;; The cover and such is covered with Kray Dragon skin, as well as the back. The pages were written by Novarius himself, after discoveringthe knowledge within.
;; The tomb contains knowledge of various Alchemy, healing, magic, as such.

Enchantments l
;; Enchantment of protection - The tomb is entirely engulfed with this Dathomir enchantment, makig it impervious for anyone other than Novarius to read the pages, let alone touch it with having their eyes or hands burn with pain equal to the sun's core.

Other l
;; The tomb is force booned, therefore impervious to the force behisdes that of Novarius'.
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Tomb of Greatness.
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