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 The Sith Empire.

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The Sith Empire. Empty
PostSubject: The Sith Empire.   The Sith Empire. I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 08, 2009 9:33 pm

Well, given that people have complained over and over and over, The Sith are now finally out of hiding.
However, I'm listing a roster as to who is Sith and who is not in SWG so we'll be able to keep up with that.

Dark Lord of the Sith - Lord/Darth Skarcious Vharex Dependus Vaxious Aeolian.
Sith apprentice/Lord - ( In progress )

Order of the Sith;
Zarg Kravius - Sith warrior.
Carnor Aeolian - Sith Lord.
Demaxus Aeolian - Sith Lord.
Exodus Nehemia - Sith warrior.
Avii Aeolian - Sith warrior.
Helyn Aethire - Sith assassin.
Phrax Raldos - Sith marauder.

I look forward to actually making IC scenes, Not that usual stereotypical "RAWR ALL JEDI MUST DIE" bullshit, Because thats not roleplay, Thats genocide and genocide of another main faction in rp is just disruption and I for one don't like it when SWG is disrupted.
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The Sith Empire.
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