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 Imperial ARC trooper armor. ( Revised version )

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Imperial ARC trooper armor. ( Revised version ) Empty
PostSubject: Imperial ARC trooper armor. ( Revised version )   Imperial ARC trooper armor. ( Revised version ) I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 5:09 pm

Imperial ARC trooper armor. ( Revised version ) ARCtroopers

Armor base materials l
;; A combination of beskar and laminanium.

Armor description ( The black areas, the core essentially ) l
;; A matte black body suit made of a durable body glove made of beskar and laminanium which has been designed to be extremely flexible due to a series of microscopic joints, which gives the wearer the potential to react without restriction, It has a modular design to allow various armored plates to be attached, The primary armor plate format is the Imperial ARC trooper format.

Sensor features l
;; Nightvision, infared, thermal sensors.

Audio defense l
;; The armor features sound filters which are designed to dampen and even in extreme cases, cut off the sound from outside of the armor to the user, to prevent harm from sonic based weaponry.

Shock defense l
;; The armor features a type of special Gel which conforms to the user's shape and body temperature, keeping the wearer from getting too hot or cold. The Gel has the ability to be pressurized to various levels, allowing it's wearer an amount of cushioning during hard impacts. This way, a wearer can survive falls from great heights or other similar conditions as long as the gel is pressurized.

Enhanced reaction time l
;; The armor also features a reactive metal liquid crystal layer which flawlessly enhances the speed and power of the wearer,The "Crystal Liquid Layer" is amorphous, yet fractionally scales and amplifies force, doubling lifting capacity and decreasing reaction time by a factor of five."

Pressure seals l
;; They are located throughout the armor system and are used where multiple armor pieces come together. The seals keep the armor airtight underwater or in space and only break under extreme pressure, such as in a high velocity impact or when the Gel has been over pressurized.

Air toxin defense l
;; The helmet features an air filter which is designed to filter out everything that isn't vital to human survival.

Shielding l
;; The armor is designed with a personal shield generator which is designed to protect the user from energy and impact based weaponry, If the shield goes down, It will recharge within 10 seconds.

Anti-overload feature l
;; Should the armor be manipulated by an external source, Aka, If someone tries to overload the shield or something, The armor automatically blocks all external interferance by regulation settings on it's own.

Anti-force defense l
;; The armor ( except the gloves, to allow force casting ) has been soaked in the reddish orange dye of the norris root of the norris plant, making it immune to energy based attack, including force based attack.

;; The armor has a heads up display which shows the distance to a designated target, time, location, tracks the data of the weapon(s) being used, shield strength ( it stays at full unless it's been depleted by an attack, but that will recharge within 10 seconds after it's depletion ).

Self healing properties l
;; The laminanium within the armor's alloy allows the armor to repair itself over a short period of time.

Medical features l
;; The armor comes with an internal supply of the highest quality bio-bacta available which heals the user's minor to moderate injuries over time, however, grave injuries require further medical attension from an external source.

Communications l
;;The helmet features an internal communication device.
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Imperial ARC trooper armor. ( Revised version )
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