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 Jedi Riot.

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PostSubject: Jedi Riot.   Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:43 pm

-A broad cast shows up, showing the bar in Theed-

-The jedi Grandmaster, suddenly lifts up a Sith followers shirt via the force, then goes into the meditating state-
-Lord Carnor, of the sith then dumps his glass of water, over the GM disgusted-
-The GM in a state of hostility ignited his saber to Carnor's neck-
-A pause in the recording comes as an imperial soldiers comes into view-

'As the Grandmaster of the jedi, aren't you supposed to set the example and follow the Jedi code?'
'Since when do Jedis act out in hostility, and attack?'

-The imperial soldier disappears as the video keeps playing then-
-Carnor lifting Grand Master Lucious into the air and tossing him-
-As Lucious lands he runs back to his order brinign out magnaguards-
-Carnor and his bodyguard Zarg, fight the 2 magnaguards back eventually stabbing through their eye-
-The stab short cicuiting the magnaguards wiring and what not, shutting them down-
-Lucious sends out another 5 Magnaguards to attack Lucious and Zarg-
-Carnor, a bit frustrated molds the landscape into earth surrounding and holding the magnaguards in place-
-He then shifts thte earth into sand burying them deeply under it-
-With a force cumbustion along the sand, he modls the sand into a glass coffin-
-Once more with a force cumbustion alogn the glass, the magnaguards boil inside-
-Lucious still inside the order, casts a plant surge to make the trees come to alife and attack-
-Zarg and Carnor quickly move throuhg the hills onto the grass-
-Zarg then casts Thermogenesis along the trees, burning them and destorying them-

-A hooded man, comes into the view of the brodcast-
-The man slides his hood from his head, then begins to speak-

"Do you see this? This is an act of hostility, this battle, it's a meaningless battle with no real significance to the grand scheme of things, and yet, it is symbolic to the root of battles, one person commits a wrongful act, then another is made in retaliation and then fights begin, both sides battering each other harder and harder until wars are fought, Do you see this? These meaningless battles must cease, they are what stands between our galaxy and peace, As such, I believe the jedi should be forced to repent for this wrong doing, Their lust has caused almost half of theed to suffer a battle that should have never taken place and would never have taken place, Had the grandmaster controlled his 'urges', I leave it to you, the people to decide how the grandmaster is to repent."

-The broadcast shuts off as Carnor leaves the view-
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Jedi Riot.
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