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 The Imperial fall from grace

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PostSubject: The Imperial fall from grace   Tue Apr 14, 2009 8:27 pm

After removing imperial occupation of the former Republic and falling back to the newly formed Imperial space, The Sith heirarchy grew bored and began to long for battle as they had continued to do in the past, The Sith heirarchy then began to speak amongst themselves in preparation for an assault on the newly rebuilt Republic territories.

After the conversation came to a close, It was then decided, The Sith Empire had once more brought itself down the path of war, Skarcious leading the charge from an Imperial Venator-class star destroyer, Demaxus and Carnor each leading their forces from Imperial Acclamator I-class assault ships.

The Imperial fleet massed in orbit of Coruscant, pouring from hyperspace as if they were what would seem to be a never ending torrent of warships, Carnor's and Demaxus' Acclamator I's landed on the surface of Coruscant along side several other Acclamator I's and released several legions of Imperial clone troopers.

Carnor and Demaxus then led the charge along with their infantry divisions directly against the newly created republic army, resulting in a clash between the two forces, pushing the republic soldiers back, the republic infantry, realizing they were outgunned and outmanned, called in for air support on the right flank - Exactly where Carnor was leading a legion of his personal troops against the republic infantry, The bombs fell one by one, much to carnor's dismay, Knowing he should've seen it coming, Just as he was preparing to shield himself against the incoming shelling with the force, A bomb struck near him, The shockwave of the blast sending him reeling through the air, his armor blackened from the flames, his body then fell to the ground unconcious and needing serious medical attension, Carnor was defeated.

Meanwhile Skarcious and several Carrier variants of the Acclamator I assault ships held their ground in space, Skarcious using the force to coordinate his fleets actions, forcing the republic ships back, although the republic's vessels were larger and more powerful, where as Skarcious' fleet was considered completely outdated, The sheer numbers of the Sith fleet, combined with their previous combat experiance, Was simply too much for the more powerful Republic vessels to handle.

The Jedi, Realizing they had little to no hope of winning this battle unless Skarcious was brought down, organized a combined strike team of Republic special forces and all of the Jedi knights they could spare - The Jedi Grandmaster, Lucious Aeolian personally led the team with the sole intent of halting his brother's assault, The team and Lucious boarded a Consular-class space cruiser and then departed.

Upon reaching Skarcious' vessel, the Jedi's force aura surpressed to hide themselves, and the strike team armed to the teeth, boarded the ship, blasting their way through the hallways, Skarcious by now realizing that this was no ordinary strike team, ordered the evacuation of the ship's remaining personell, Then standing and drawing his sword, awaited the arrival of the strike team.

As the Jedi strike team blasted their way through, one by one the republic special forces operatives fell, The Jedi realizing that the soldiers simply couldn't handle the intense combat onboard the vessel, told them to return to their cruiser and await the return of the Jedi, The Jedi then proceeded up the turbolift, bringing themselves directly down the hallway of the bridge, The Jedi advanced and sliced their way through the blast door, revealing Skarcious standing there, his blade drawn.

Lucious pleaded with Skarcious one last time for him to simply give himself up, That it was not yet too late for him, Skarcious then turned his eyes to Lucious and glared at Lucious through his helmet, Then raised his sword, the blade pointed directly at the Jedi grandmaster, Lucious realizing that Skarcious had no intension of backing down, drew and ignited his lightsaber blade.

Skarcious, nodding to Lucious, then force sped up directly infront of Lucious, Slashing directly forward, Lucious, having sensed the cast, Just barely managed to evade the slash, A small cut bleeding slightly on his right shoulder, Skarcious chuckling at what appeared to be the Jedi grandmaster already struggling at the beginning of their duel, began to advance, The other Jedi Knights would only stand and watch in amazement as the duel continued on for what seemed like hours, when it was only a few minutes.

Finally, The republic's fleet managed to break it's way through the blockade, unaware of the Jedi's prescence on Skarcious' command ship, Opened fire on the bridge, The bombardment knocking out the shields and then ripping through the bridge, the shock of the blast had knocked Skarcious unconcious, The ships backup shields then activated, the Jedi strike team ordered the republic fleets to cease their firing.

Lucious looked down at his brother as he laid there unconcious, Lucious grabbed his brother and slung him over his shoulders, Then walked over to Skarcious' sword and then sent the blade into his brother's sheath, The strike team's mission was essentially accomplished, The strike team then left the ship with their new valuable prisoner in their custody.

The remaining Imperial ships reported to Demaxus that the signal from Skarcious' command ship had dissapeared, Demaxus, assuming his brother to be dead, attempted to radio carnor to initiate a full retreat, upon receiving no answer from Carnor, Demaxus assumed both to have fallen in combat, Demaxus, then believing himself to be the last Sith Lord of the order, ordered all ships and armies to initiate a full retreat.

The Sith armies poured back into the remaining Acclamator I's and lifted off into orbit, linking up with the remaining Imperial navy, The ships then jumped into hyperspace, The ships returned to Imperial space in utter defeat.

Later, Carnor was discovered by Republic soldiers patrolling the site of the battle, making sure there were no remnants of the Sith armies still wandering on the planet, They immediately sent him to a hospital for Medical treatment and upon his recovery handed custody of him over to the Jedi Order, Both Skarcious and Carnor showed signs of Amnesia, Neither could remember who they were or what they were, Nor could they recall their dark past.

The Imperial threat was considered over.. For now..
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The Imperial fall from grace
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