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 Army of Darkness.

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Army of Darkness. Empty
PostSubject: Army of Darkness.   Army of Darkness. I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 5:52 pm

Name l
;; "Disturbance."
Other names l
;; " Army of Darkness, 10,000 Fists. ""
Class l
;; Infantry.
Manufacturer l
;; Privately manufactured.
Body Materials. l
;; An alloy composed of Beskar, Titanium, and Laminanium [ Armor/Helmet. ] Each soldier's armor has been drenched in Norris dye. The flesh has been tainted with a Gen'dai gene, therefore making the soldier immune to lightsaber/sword/blaster/detonator.
Dimensions l
;; 6-9 feet tall. With roughly 600-700 lbs. of Muscle and metal.
Shielding l
;; Sensory inplants in each optical nerve, thus causing all light to be adjusted by the infantry. As well as an EMP shield implanted into the brain.
;; Over sheild programed into the wrist.
;; - See Body Materials for armor. -

Programming. l
;; An AI was placed into them, controlled by the aura of Demaxus. They are controlled by Mechu-Deru-Vitae, but can be back-upped by the droid insignias placed into their brains. They are basicaly made to do what is told.

Armament l
;; Each soldier weilds a Imperial Heavy Repeater[ For intense battle, or to destroy muliple enemies, This gun is also fitted with one cuncussive missile. ], ]Westar-34 Hand Blaster fitted to right theigh, and as a last resort, an electric fly swatter on their backs.

Sensors. l
;; Infared, Radar, Nightvision, Ultraviolet, Heat sensory.

Details l
;; Built within the clone facilities on Kamino, the mass number of soldiers were fitted with the Gen'dai gene during production, then sent to Arkania for further use. They are hidden within diamond mines, fortified by Quantum Crystaline Alloy over the walls and ceiling, as well as floors. The soldiers resemble that of Durge, but they look cooler.
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Army of Darkness.
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