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 +-+ Supreme Chancellorship

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PostSubject: +-+ Supreme Chancellorship   Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:00 pm

-Taped earlier within the Grand Convocation Chamber of the Galactic Senate-
-The new Supreme Chancellor is in the Middle podium-
-He speaks out to the people in the senate-

Many people of the senate i thank you for selecting me as your new Representative i will do my best to change the galaxy after what happened during those last wars many of your planets were devastated and if needed will be helped to repair your infrastructure and restore the planet to its former glory. This is all i have to say and i will be creating various things to be distributed amongst your planets to defend it, this is a list of the many ships and droids that will be created for the distribution.

Droids :
B-3 Ultra Battle Droid X110000
W-Series Droideka X105000
CB3 Cortosis Battle Droid x84000

Ships :
Shieldship x1000
Endurance-Class Fleet Carrier X50000
Warrior-Class Gunship X50000
Nebula-Class Star Destroyer X10000
Majestic-Class Heavy Cruiser X5000

As you may all know that since i have become Supreme Chancellor that i have had to resign as King Of Naboo and now the slot is currently open i hope that the King will continue where i left off, anywhom Senators of the Galactic Senate i now bid you farewell and hope you enjoy yourselfs goodbye.
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+-+ Supreme Chancellorship
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