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 The Bloodworks

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PostSubject: The Bloodworks   The Bloodworks I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2009 8:25 am

Name: The Bloodworks
Motto: "Keep the Cogs spinning"
Home Planet: None (Clues it may have been formed in Coruscant
Leader: "The Hunter"
Allowed Races: All

The Bloodworks is a guild of both skilled and insane people who take on contracts just like a normal bounty hunter. Unlike bounty hunters members only know each other by certain Codenames and are not allowed to talk or mix with each other unless it involves the contract they have been givin. The laws are many and very well enforced with anyone who breaks them getting "Let go" (Killed) Anyone can join the guild the hard part is finding someone who will take you. All members must show there mark before getting a contract via the high ranking members known as "Knowers" who visit the Hunters and ask for there scar that they are givin when they join.
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The Bloodworks
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