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 Vax Osoka The Dark Jedi

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PostSubject: Vax Osoka The Dark Jedi   Vax Osoka The Dark Jedi I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 20, 2009 10:41 am

Habbo Name: wolfwolf32

Character's Full Name: Vax Osoka
Character Alias': The Insane
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Current Home: Coruscant

Appearance:Vax Osoka The Dark Jedi 1_1181180997_547_SecretApprentice

Carried Items: Self constructed lightsaber with a curved hilt and a red blade.

Background/History: Vax was born in the busy streets of Corusant to a family who really didnt want him. His father was a mechanic and an ex-jedi knight who left the order and destroyed his lightsaber. He only wanted to live a normal life with his family....but Vax came in and made it all go to hell. Vax was the only other member in the family that was a Force user but the worse part was Vax was classified as "Unstable". Vax would find stray animals and kill them with no mercy. The family sent him to the Jedi Enclave hoping he wouldnt make a fool of himself or kill anyone. Vax seemed to go along well enough at first doing as he was told making his own lightsaber and reached the rank of Padawan quickly. His master didnt complain either and a few years after that Vax was a Knight. This is when his old habits started to haunt him and Vax started to question who was really "Good". In his mind he saw the Jedi as Destroyers who make you belive there better then the sith. Vax saw the sith as the same only they were blind to the real power they could have had. Vax went on a rampage in a cantina killing twelve people (seven of them being known criminals) And later Vax took down a small slaver ring releasing three captives who were later found murdered not far from the slavers operation. Vax seems to switch sides on and off for instance he belived these Slavers deserved freedom only to reconcider and see them as monsters (he himself views himself and all he does as perfect) Vax also made an oath to never side with "Jedi Kath Hounds or Sith Scum" and loves to do a bit of bounty hunting and the like on the side for credits and the thrill of the kill.
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Vax Osoka The Dark Jedi
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