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 Basic Forum Regulations; Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Forum Regulations; Rules   Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:44 pm

Basic Forum Regulations

  1. Do not spam on the forum under any circumstance, its annoying to anyone with a normal brain or mental intusion.

  2. Do not post pornographic material under any circumstance it will end up in a automatic ban.

  3. Leave the approving and declining to the Moderators and(or) the Administrators it causes less spam on a Biography or any other creation and less irritation for the creator.

  4. Do not post OOC information in a IC forum, and try to reluct from posting OOC information at all it is bad for the roleplaying enviroment.

  5. Try and restrain from pointless arguements on the forum i know its basic forum behavior but its not good and causes many problems in the roleplay.

  6. Only one character limit, if you are tired of your character get it killed off.

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Basic Forum Regulations; Rules
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