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 Basic Approving and Declining Regulations; Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Approving and Declining Regulations; Rules   Fri Mar 27, 2009 8:10 pm

Basic Approving and Declining Regulations

  1. Follow the guidelines of the template or closely structured custom template.

  2. Do not disregard the Moderators or Administrators dont argue over the verdict once its final its final they arent gonna change it cause you moan and groan over a Creation fix what they say to fix and it will be approved.

  3. Only Moderators and Administrators Approves and Declines count as a vote.

  4. If a creation is put into Pending then it is up for vote by the other Moderators and Administrators it needs 3 votes to pass a Moderators vote counts as 1 a Administrators vote counts as 2.

  5. 5. Bumping/Double-posting on your creation thread, for hopes of quicker moderation and/or review, can result in penalty, whether that be a simple thread lock, a reviewing delay, or even a strike against your record. Annoying the staff in-game or through forum not only gets us aggravated, but it can lead to your own loss. If editing need be of your creation, simply use the "Edit" button.

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Basic Approving and Declining Regulations; Rules
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