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 Sis'iir Auuran's Speech.

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PostSubject: Sis'iir Auuran's Speech.   Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:24 pm

"My fellow people of Naboo I am aware of the recent few battles that have taken place here, and like you.. I am devistated by this. If I am to be eleceted as King of Naboo I will see to it that there is a underground shuttle for the Citizens to be safe during these battles. The streets of Naboo will be secured on ground by B-2 Super Battle Droids, and secured by air by Basilisk War Droids. Each Droid will have a installed Scanner System to detect all near by Life Forms. Special Filed Commanders will be recruited to make sure that the safety of this Planet is as it should be. I will also see to it that there will be Atomic Compression Bombs installed into Naboos defences, these are powerful neuclear weapons used against War Ships, and Space Stations. Evac Ships will be placed with in the City of Theed to Evacuate Citizens from a Hostile Situation. I will see to it that our Planet is rid of the recent Drug use of Death Sticks and other substances by constantly haveing our B-2 Super Battle Droids inspect all Transport ships before landing and seeing to it that abandoned buildings are inspected to avoid hand makeing of these drugs."
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Sis'iir Auuran's Speech.
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