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 Planet under the Dark Lord's rule.

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Dark Lord

Dark Lord

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PostSubject: Planet under the Dark Lord's rule.   Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:18 pm

As you may know, the Sith control many planets, that can be fought back for in a scene. But before you decide to attack any of my planets, tell me....Surprising me will just have you punished. xD

The Dark Lord owns the following l
;; Korriban
;; Arkania

Lord Skarcious owns the following l
;; Yavin IV
;; A good chunk of the ateroid belt

Count Carnor owns the following l
;; Kashyyk [ As I said, the planets can be fought for. ]

Darth Fenrir l
;; Dxun
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Planet under the Dark Lord's rule.
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