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 Imperial rule.

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PostSubject: Imperial rule.   Imperial rule. I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 7:49 pm

*A communications broadcast is displayed over a galactic-wide public frequency*
*Your comlink activates, displaying a hologram*
*An imperial trooper is shown standing in the hologram*
Well, I'll skip the introductions, As you're all probably aware of, Coruscant has fallen to imperial rule, as such the Sith empire now controls coruscant and the galactic senate, I'll let my master speak now.
*The trooper walks out of view within the hologram*
*Letting his master stand where he once had*
Greetings citizens of the former galactic republic, many of you may remember me although it has been quite some time since we last met, I am Darth Skarcious, Leader of the new Empire, many of you may be holding resentment towards me due to the recent battle and wondering why I am here, I intend to explain myself now.
Well, as you all my know, the galaxy has been rendered weak from the consistent uprisings of rogue fleet commanders, the imperial remnants from palpatine's rule and the yuuzhan vong's invasion, It took Coruscant's defenses a single day to crumble, This is proof of my claims that the galaxy is weak, I am here to resolve this problem, I'm sure you're also aware of the corruption within the galaxy's goverment, You've seen them sell your freedoms, your well-being even, for the sake of their personal gain and for political power, well, I'm here to resolve that, My first decree is that all laws banning the Sith from travelling within the Empire's boarders shall be dissolved, My second decree is that all corrupt politicians shall be casted down from their positions and replaced by new and just politicians of your choosing, My third decree is that all star system's shall have Imperial fleets stationed there to improve the security of the galactic empire and to maintain peace within it's boarders, My third decree is that the planetary defenses of all imperial star systems shall be greatly improved via stronger planetary-class shield generators, My fourth is that galactic living conditions shall be improved as well through housing, medical and other means. Only the corrupt members of the senate, the planetary defenses, and the former republic's military are to be replaced, That is mandatory, everything else shall be allowed to remain as is if the system's local goverment doesn't desire to undergo further innovation, I should hope that these steps will bring a new golden age for the galaxy, when this age has begun, I shall return back to my homeworld with my army and fleet and return administrative power to the hands of the senate after reorganizing the empire into a republic once again, Thank you, that is all.
*The transmission ceases*
*You receive a recording then*
*You see the trooper from before*
Hello, I am here to show you the site of the battle for Coruscant.
*You then see the site of the battle*
As you can see, the damage has all been repaired and we've had absolutely minimal collateral damage reported and as few casualties as possible and the civilians are now going about their daily lives again.
*The recording ends*
*Your comlink deactivates*
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Imperial rule.
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